Behavior and Performance 

Improved Mood

Reduced Anger 

Strengthened Immune System 

Stress Reduction


Burnout and Interpersonal Problems

What is HealthRHYTHMS?

HealthRHYTHMS® is a fun, evidence-based whole person strategy which promotes socialization and ensures a healthy non-strenuous workout. On a deeper level it builds bridges while fostering nurturing, support, camaraderie, self-respect and respect for others. It is not really about drumming, but uses the drum as a tool for communication and personal expression. This system can be integrated as a therapeutic strategy in group counseling sessions, support groups, rehabilitation centers, schools, hospitals, aging facilities and more.

Who can benefit from HealthRHYTHMS?

-Hospitals        -Schools             -Outpatient facilities           -Clinics              -Drug & alcohol rehab centers  


-Nursing homes         -Wellness centers.            -Community outreach organizations      -Assisted living units      

     -Senior centers              -Prisons                -Juvenile rehabilitation programs               and more!!!


Wherever wellness outcomes are sought, HealthRHYTHMS can be a useful tool. 

How do I Sign up and learn more?

Rich Klimowicz has completed HealthRHYTHMS facilitation training. If you are interested in learning more and are in an environment that could benefit from HealthRHYTHMS reach out and setup a time to speak further. 

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